"DIGITAL WAVE RECORDS" is an electronic music label based in Berlin,
founded by DJ and Producer Alessandro Termine aka Axeldj and supported by his friends and all it's artists.
"DWR" is an independent label specialized and focused on the Techno and Minimal scene, always looking for new artists from the UNDERGROUND CLUBS
which has the goal of providing the best products at the highest quality to all music lovers.
On our website you can find an overview of our artists, the catalogue of our releases, informations and updates of all our activities.
We focus on having distinctive and fresh sounds in our productions, we like music with a characteristic sound with that something extra.
Our goal is to obtain the highest possible recognition from the listeners with the unmistakable sound of the label.



Picche Records and Picche Records Ltd are Italian record labels located in Turin.
Born in the early 2010 and specialized in techno and minimal sound, well known as avanguardist label of its genre, riding the top of the mayor elctronic digital shop.
Please for demo send only soundcloud private link to: (Picche Records) (Picche Records Ltd)



Midi Mood Music Group is an independent group of electronic music labels born in the early 2009.
The project began with the main label Midi Mood Records focused on underground house music and his sub-genres..
Then for covering the other sides are born and grow Picche Records specialized on minimal and techno stuff, and Diagonal targeted on Deep house and minimal house sounds, a bit later start Bodhisattva for electronic, chill out, and uncommon sounds from the karma...
….and at the end arrive the last project 99 Waves dedicated to dance commercial music like progressive house, electro house and related kinds…
Not only record label.. from late 2013 Midi Mood Group begin to be an agency for promoting and support artists all over the world,
but that’s is another story that still to early to tell you about.



Label based in Georgia and founded by Nacim Ladj

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