Alessandro Termine aka Axeldj

is an Italian DJ Producer who lives in Berlin.
He started listening to music at an early age and immediately noticed how much it meant to him.
He has always been passionate about music, his taste for electronic music prevailed over everything else and that was just how he always presented himself to the people and people who saw him.
He started with the progressive dance music that characterized the 90s and that led him to think of starting his adventure and passion to do the Deejay, starting to play in the best local clubs in the area with his particular style, creating his own sound, which characterizes him and defines his DJ sets as changing and frenetic, practically a whole journey through the newest and most danceable sounds.
Dance music is good for a certain mood but Techno music was the origin of what it is now, starting with vinyls and then moving directly to mixing on CDJs & Controller.
Techno has deep sounds that are so loud and very hypnotically, which was what it was looking for.
Thus, he slowly approached Techno, starting with the MinimalTechno genre, which is a mix between the two genres, and then delves into the darkest Techno sounds of Berlin.
In love with electronic music he carefully chooses the best music in all his dj sets, focusing on elegant grooves and rhythms and mixes with the utmost technique.
He plays Techno and Minimal Techno very powerful, progressive sessions every time and with great harmony and his style differs from many of his colleagues.
In many After Pool Parties he brought with him his repertoire of Tech-House music, a selection of tracks that reflect his style and passion, making many people dance in the early hours of dawn "Sunrise Matinée" organized by him in the Private villas Tuscan.
He loves to experience sound in all its peculiarities, absorbing the influences of every musical style, becoming Resident and Special Guest in various Clubs in Tuscany, had the pleasure of collaborating with important and international guests such as: Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Marco Remus, Dj Bold, Jason Little, Fatima Hajji, Candy Cox, Tatanka, Francesco Farfa, Pet Duo and many others ...
Axel found his sound in Berlin and in 2012 he entered the world of production, starting his training as a music producer.
In 2018 he created his label "Digital Wave Records" whose goal is to support new talents of national and international electronic music, and which today is constantly growing, is growing both in artists and in the quality of his productions, with worldwide support in the electronic scene.
In 2020 he created his Web Radio "Digital Wave Radio" to give space to new emerging and non-emerging Deejays, who only mix and who have not musically approached the productions.
AXELDJ today, with the experience and constant passion that accompany it, continues to play and experiment with the aim of finding its sound and style to differentiate itself in the Techno scene.

" Creating synergy with the public is essential for me and certainly the basic concept is not to put barriers or rules within my DJ sets, as I need to convey new sensations to each of my nights.
Music is an incubator of positivity and when the audience in front of you rejoices and dances like there was no tomorrow, it means that you have managed to transform that vibration into positive energy "

by Axeldj